Helping Your Loved One Adjust to In Home Senior Care

Adjusting to any type of change in life is difficult, especially for a senior who may be quiet accustomed to living their life a certain way. But as life’s daily tasks become a bigger challenge with each passing day, many seniors find they need they a helping hand to do things they could once do so easily. That’s where assisted living at home services come in to help.

What is At Home Assisted Living?

Assisted living at home sends out a caregiver of your choice to provide care for a senior who is still independent, but needs a little help around the house. Caregivers offer a variety of services for patients, including light housekeeping, meal preparation, transportation services, errands, companionship, and more.   While the caregiver is there to offer support and help, even this change can throw some seniors into a whirlwind.

Tips for Success

To ease the transition of a caregiver coming into the home, be sure the senior understands that someone is coming, when they’ll be there, and what they’re expected to do. Also let the person know it is only to give them a helping hand and they’re still completely in control of their life.  Many seniors fear losing independence and this bit of reassurance can do so much for their peace of mind.

Allow the senior the chance to help select the caregiver, since they’ll be spending time with the person.   Most Agencies allow the patient to have a say in their caregiver, and when the two are compatible, the entire transition is much smoother for everyone. All caregivers are given background checks prior to employment, giving you one added layer of assurance.

assisted living at home services

Assisted living at home allows seniors to maintain independence without sacrificing the helping hand they need.  Use the above information to ease your loved one into care.